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She had nine lives.. and then some, in her almost 21 years on this earth. She had a very full life, a much loved life and will be missed dearly. Rest easy now sweet Spencie.. Give Jackson, Duff & Ms Molly a hug for me as you cross over Rainbow Bridge. You were all meant to be together, forever… enjoy the heavens as you enjoyed the earth. ❤


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Pemaquid Light

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Marginal Way Respite

Washed Ashore

As the tide rolls in, so didn’t the verdict. This week Ogunquit Beach won the NECN contest: Baby, You’re the Best– for best beach in New England.  A beach I walk on pretty much daily, and now the secret’s out! With this gorgeous holiday weekend here, even more beachcombers will flock to our coastline.  Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Perkins Cove

Baby, You're the Best: Ogunquit Beach

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Yes I know, winter has just really begun, but already we’ve been hit with a Nor’easter and two accumulative storms back to back.. and we’ve just about had it with  all the shoveling we can muster.  I am laughing at the word ‘we’ as all I do is sit indoors snuggled up in my basket usually snoozing. But hey, my ‘voice’ counts here too!  I want to be out in the fields catching mice, or sunning myself on the deck or poking around the neighborhood to check things out. But no, here I lay grumbling to myself and dreaming of warmer days…sniffle sniffle.

Spencie.. waiting for Spring to arrive

It is sort of pretty, if you enjoy walking in it or the folks that never see  all this white stuff and have absolutely no conception what it is to have to get up two hours before your workday even begins and go out to shovel it!  I can’t even imagine sleeping in the barn as I once did quite routinely on the chilliest nights, it seemed of the year, but I did.  Funny how the years just disappear.

Spencie is now fast asleep, so I’ll add a shot of yesterdays walking path and our seas during the Nor’easter, and two ducks foraging for a warm meal.,,and one big Bubba that use to love a good snow storm.  Hey, this is ‘vacationland’…  we need  warmth & mucho sunshine up here in the boonies! ;).. and a lot less white stuff!

Snowy walk

Cold Duck(s)

1st Nor'easter of 2010

King of the mountain--Bubba Jackson

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Break a Leg

Spencie recovering from a car accident. She broke everything but her cute as a button nose. Every week for eight weeks, we brought her to have her new  casts  applied and every week they changed the color of her cast cover.  Here she is resting with her brother Joshua He’s since passed over to Rainbow Bridge, but Spencie is still with us.. just eleven years older.

Our Maine coon kitties.. Spencie & Joshua

Our Maine coon kitties.. Spencie & Joshua

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